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Country Introduction



Venezuela is intense, warm and colorful. As the Caribbean people. With iconic destinations such as Margarita Island, the Angel Falls, Canaima National Park or Pico Bolivar- which has the longest and highest cable car in the world-Venezuela has well earned the nickname "The Gateway to the Caribbean."

Venezuela is located in northern South America with its coasts washed by the Caribbean Sea. It is a country of beauty and contrasts. Possessing an impressive wealth of tourist resources, is a land of many facets, where spectacular beaches, majestic elevations, mysterious and virgin forests,  exuberant wildlife, vast plains, paradisiacal islands, passionate and friendly people converge on this great work of nature.

There is a beauty for each Cardinal Point: White-Sanded Beaches & Islands surrounded by Turquoise Waters Up to the North  (Playa Medina, Playa Colorada, Margarita Island, Coche , among others); The Great Savannah to the South , with  flat top mountains from which waterfalls are spectacular, like Angel Falls, the largest waterfall in the world with a height of nearly 1000 meters; The Andes to the West , with their highest point - Pico Bolivar Venezuela- with a height of 5002 meters above sea level., finally, to the East, The “Llanos”, with a large extension of  vast plains of extraordinary beauty and extraordinary wildlife, like “Mesa de Guanipa”.

Venezuela also has deserts and dunes and lively cities such as  Caracas (the Capital), Maracaibo (the Oil Capital), Barquisimeto (City of Sunsets) and Mérida.

But there is not only natural beauty, for Venezuela is also known for the beauty of its women, through the Worldwide Beauty Pageants: Venezuela  holds at present 6 Miss Universe  and 5 Miss World crowns, making it one of the countries that have achieved the greatest number of titles worldwide.The “Miss Venezuela” Pageant has become a National Event itself.
A land of grace, stimulating, warm and generous. .. Enjoy the beaches, mountains, wildlife and cities of Venezuela doing them yours. A country to love, with all the “flare” of the Caribbean.

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