Enjoy Lima’s privileged location: front view of the Pacific Ocean, capable of charming every visitor. Search for the beginning of civilization in nearby Caral and the founding of a new era in the Main Square. Witness different eras preserved in one unique city: Breathtaking mansions, museums and churches of pre-colonial, colonial and modern times. Gastronomic capital of the Americas: a collision of cultures, ingredients and flavors.


Stroll along its stoned streets lined by massive Inca walls. Breath in its sacred geography; escape to the Valley, explore Machu Picchu “The lost city of the Incas”, where Heaven and Paradise meet, a truly magical experience.


Admire the beauty of the 'White City' a magnificent representation of the Colonial architecture.


A natural observatory, but also one of the deepest parts of the Colca Canyon, where the giant condor puts on a show every morning.


Sail the Titicaca on a private vessel. As legend has it, the creators of the last great empire emerged from this Mirror of Heaven. Have lunch with the Uros aboard their floating islands and watch the day end as the sun falls behind the immense waters.


Sense the southern Amazonian Jungle up close and personal. Stay at a posh Machiguenga style cabin, listen to fables and creation myths of the rainforest. Watch Fire Ants, Walking Trees and the biggest rodent in the world!


The largest city unlinked by a road, it is a place of its own. A door to the northern Amazon and the remote Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve where deluxe cruises take the intrepid traveler along what many have called “a true heaven on earth”.


A northern city where great archaeological sites reveal the greatness of the ancient capital of the Moche culture. Visit The Necropolis of Huaca Rajada, Chan Chan, El Brujo, The Lord of Sipan, among many others.
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