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Country Introduction


Sometimes when you hear about Ecuador you are transported to the Middle of the World and one of the main reasons why this country has been named so. But when you have the opportunity to visit the place you are about to find that you are not in just the middle but in four amazing different worlds at the same time, and you will realize how wonderful the life is.    

Ecuador is, for its size, the most diverse country in the world. The model of sustainability as a priority of the tourism activity has made to Ecuador an example of environmental conservation. The different four worlds consist of four regions ranging from the topographical diversity of the Amazon to the cultural beauty of the Andes; from the ecological beaches of the coast to the legendary Galapagos Islands. This fantastic land drives you to the most biodiversity on the earth.



The Ecuadorian Andes are known for their majestic snow-capped mountains and active volcanoes which form the famous “Volcano Avenue”.   They are surrounded by hot springs and by vast lush, green grassy highlands, humid cloud forests, fertile valleys, colorful indigenous markets, lovely colonial towns, ancient “haciendas” and historic cities, all lying below a dramatic spectacle of intense blue sky.  Discover the Andean region of Ecuador and its cultural and natural diversity.



Experience the exuberant nature of Ecuador’s Pacific Coast and the livelihood of its people with their traditions, music, and cuisine.  Historically, the coast has a lot to offer too as along this coastline the most ancient ceramic remains in all of South America have been discovered.   Along the coastline you can also enjoy little patches of paradise in every beach.  In this region you can explore banana, coffee, and cocoa plantations in large haciendas and discover the way of life of its people.  The Ecuadorian coast is one of the richest ecosystems on earth you can navigate through mangroves and rivers or ride on an ancient steam train dating back to the early 20th century.



The Ecuadorian jungle region, commonly known as “El Oriente” covers almost half of Ecuador’s surface and is part of the Amazon Basin.  The green and humid wilderness hosts an amazing biological diversity and many endemic species; animals and plants are in constant interaction. It is also home for various indigenous ethnic groups like the Huaorani, Kichwa, Ashuar and Shuar cultures who still maintain their traditions and customs.  Enjoy the many Eco-Lodges or camping sites which are located in the huge protected areas like Yasuní National Park, Cuyabeno Wildlife and Fauna Breeding Reserve or Limoncocha Biological Reserve.  Here our experienced and specialized guides make you take pleasure in this huge variety in flora and fauna that the jungle has to offer.



The Galapagos Islands are known as “Enchanted Islands” due to their overwhelming beauty and biodiversity.  The high number of endemic species both in its flora and fauna, and the pristine condition in which it is kept makes this archipelago one of the greatest wonders of the world.  As this is a fairly young volcanic archipelago located in the ring of fire, the constant volcanic activity gives the islands an added value of mystery and adventure.  On board of our vessels your journey through the enchanted islands is guaranteed unforgettable.

Are you waiting for more reasons to love the life….think no more…Just do it...Come to Ecuador!

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