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When someone thinks of Argentina, the first things they will probably think of are Tango, Football & Gauchos.  The most traveled would probably add Evita to the list.  But Argentina is much more than just that. Being the most cosmopolitan country in Latin America, Argentina has to offer uncountable options for the most demanding travelers.  From the charms of Buenos Aires City to the vast grasslands of the Pampas; from the boisterous Iguassu Falls to the breathtaking Perito Moreno Glacier; from the Whales to the Welsh.

Not in vain Argentina is known as “The land of the Six Continents” because of its variety of landscapes, climate and people.   Stunning natural wonders, an elegant capital with European-flavored sophistication and a passionate culture make it the ideal choice for your next trip.

Argentina will tempt you with sumptuous food and fine wine, enlighten you with culture and thrill you with the sultry moves of the world-famous tango.

Winter is ideal for exhilarating snow activities as skiing and snowboarding while summer opens up an enlivening world of hiking, trekking and horseback riding.

Situated in the southernmost part of the American continent, Argentina is the world’s eighth largest country, covering an area of 2.8 million square kilometers and offering visitors a range of choices that is probably unique in the world.  Argentina has, arguably, the tastiest beef, the sexiest dance,  some of the cutest penguins, the highest peak and the most cosmopolitan and trendiest city in South America.  Add to that its vast plains and deserts; glistening lakes and thundering glaciers in southern Patagonia and some of the greatest waterfalls on Earth, and you have a destination with immense potential.

The immigration of Europeans to the country in the late nineteenth to the twentieth century produced a heavy concentration of people of Spanish, Italian, French, German, Eastern European and British ancestry. Also Japanese,  Syrian and Lebanese.  With the immigration, the natives and the descendents of black slaves, Argentina produced a diversified culture that is rich is history, alive with dance and diverse in a language that is primarily Spanish but is composed of words from the many languages that were initially introduced to this country.


With such a variety of scenery and culture that Argentina offers, the theme options you can think of are endless.   Just dare to dream…

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